TOP PAYING JOBS 2021 Which Can Make You Rich And Growth Your Career

The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with unprecedented changes that were already sweeping the world, has impacted the world exceedingly. Moulding ourselves with the changing times and equipping our profile with new skills are very much the need of the hour. A number of trends, jobs and careers have become redundant due to the pandemic. Pay cuts and uncertainties have become the norm. In this scenario, if you want to change tracks and step into a field that offers the biggest pay packet, the time is definitely right. Here’s a list of exciting jobs that are paying the highest salaries for you to pick and choose from:

  1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is one of the most sought-after professionals netting rewarding prospects today. The demand for data scientists has been escalating across industries astronomically. In fact, prospects for data scientist have seen a growth of more than 300% in the past few years, which is slated to ascend further. The job of a data scientist is crucial as it involves analysing and interpreting intricate data. It plays an instrumental role in enhancing understanding of trends concerning a company, which enhances its performance tremendously.

The annual salary of a data scientist is climbing, which currently is as much as $150,000 and set to become the highest paying job of 2021

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

Another high paying job that’s in great demand these days is that of an IoT solutions architect. The IoT solutions architect executes crucial tasks of developing and positioning effective IoT solutions via powerful strategies. IoT binds information from various sources like devices, networks and software that work together to reveal and manage  important data.

The IoT Solutions Architect on an average earns at least $130,000 per annum, so you must definitely give this field a good, hard thought. 

3.Big Data Engineer

There’s no denying that Internet usage has increased gigantically, resulting in generation of tons and tons of data bytes daily. Availability of data at such a large scale presents a multitude volume of useful information to organisations. Almost all organisations are investing in AI and Big Data, which is steered by Big Data architects and AI experts. The role of a Big Data architect involves planning, organising and managing Big Data applications in entirety, which actually is doing a lot for any company.

Big Data architects are in great demand, which is evident in the prestigious salary bracket of $140,000 they are offered.

  • Software Architect

Software architects are greatly sought-after qualified professionals who are wooed with great pay packages by companies. They are equipped to provide valuable solutions  has an extensive understanding of software architecture and data modelling. A number of crucial functions such as development process by making design choices and dictating technical standards such as coding, tools and platforms. As part of their role, they identify a customer’s requirements and perform hands-on work to develop prototypes. 

The average annual salary a software architect draws is more than $114,000- a good reason for you to consider being a part of this fast-growing domain.

4.Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineering is another fast-growing career option for professionals keen on embarking on a rewarding career path. A blockchain designer creates and launches a blockchain network, builds applications with blockchain technology and also strategises and executes architecture and solutions with blockchain technology. Professionals in this field are also engaged with developing programs for cryptocurrency payments, which is growing rapidly.As for the average annual salary of a blockchain engineer, it ranges over a mind-blowing figure of $150,000.

5.DevOps Engineer

DevOps is the shortened term for development and operations. It is a process that combines development (Dev), operations and quality assurance into a single, constant set of procedures. It plays a key role in facilitating smooth operations in a company’s operations at multiple levels. It is concerned with handling of application development along with deployment and network operations. Proficiency in Coding and scripting, DevOps tools like Jenkins and Git along with familiarity with Linux or Unix system are also key requirements to make a foray into this field.

A DevOps engineer earns an average yearly salary that ranges between $95,000 to $140,000.

6. Cloud Architect

A Cloud architect has a lot to look forward to in terms of career building and growth. Developing cloud computing operations along with incorporating cloud adoption plans and cloud application design are a part of a Cloud architect’s job profile. Among other things, a Cloud architect also provides support for application architecture and cloud management and monitoring

On an average, a Cloud architect draws a salary of around $107,000- a neat deal indeed.

7.Full-Stack Developer

The prominent KRA of a full-stack developer involves writing clean, purposeful code on front and back-end. It also concerns scripting, testing and fixing bugs and other coding matters. A full-stack developer is also qualified to create and build APIs using MEAN stack and ensure data security.

The average annual pay packet of a full stack developer is $106,000, which is in every sense an exciting figure for you to consider

8.Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An AI engineer also offers a lucrative career path strewn with promising opportunities and growth. The world is swiftly gravitating towards AI, which has created a big demand for AI engineers. Among other things, AI engineers develop and maintain AI systems and create AI models with the help of machine learning algorithms. They are proficient in versatile usage of multiple techniques and tool to process data

As for the package that an AI architect earns, it is above $110,000- a tempting figure in itself.

If you wish to turn a new leaf in your career in 2021 and are charmed by the options above, why not take a plunge and make a great new start, with the pandemic notwithstanding?

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