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Concept delivers an OFFSITE MANAGED MARKETING SYSTEM that can create a customized marketing solution. Allowing you to focus on your other core business activities with the confidence that your marketing Infrastructure is in good hands as you steer the program to suit your company needs.

CONTENT CREATIONArt, creativity, design, imagery and writing of any type gets our attention. Whether it’s good or bad we are moved by what we see, read, hear or feel. We cannot expect people to connect with a company if the message does not appeal to the senses. Lazy design reflects the inner workings of the company. Dull and generic imagery leads the audience to assume that the message is not that important because there is nothing different to experience. Whether it’s a blog article, a business article, an infographic, photo or video let your audience know you are genuinely trying to reach out to them. Aim to connect as if they were actually in your showroom, office, hotel, restaurant, store, dealership or even your living room and take the time to get your content right.

RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGNResponsive web design is the design and development of a website that enables a user’s online behavior and experience to adapt based on the screen size, platform, device type and orientation. The website will have one single content url and can be viewed across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The adoption of a responsive website is a must these days as it brings with it some significant advantages. It saves money, saves time, it brings your site increased visibility and improved SEO and the overall all site performance is better too. Our team of creatives can help your organization transition from your old site to a new responsive web design. CALL US TODAY and we can give you a try before you buy design.

EMAILEmails have had a bad reputation. It’s not the fault of an email it’s the fault of spurious email campaigns and spamming. Recently emails have had a makeover. Tight guidelines and universally accepted email best practice has enforced good behavior. We might still get spammed from time to time but it’s now likely that it is not connected to an uninvited imposition. We read our emails more than ever and with the ever present smartphone by our side it’s actually possible to access and read them 24/7. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful communication tool by contacting us today.


It’s not necessary to replicate a TV viewing experience for visitors to your site but giving them a highly visual multi-screen experience needs to be part of your web content strategy. Use video to encourage your visitors to ask more questions, give them an opportunity to experience the process of the purchasing cycle. They are going to go through this process whether they are on your site or your competitor’s sites.

ANALYTICS, SEO & SEM“ROI, ROI, show me the ROI!” Have you noticed how some acronyms just emerge from the boardroom and then everyone starts to use the term? ROI (Return on Investment) is not just a buzzword it is the central theme to everything an organization does. Return on Investment could be any activity, event or process that contributes positively to the profitability of the company. So establishing relevant metrics that monitor progress is vital. Being able to interpret those results is vital. Re-aligning or re-targeting a message to your chosen audience is vital and without an effective analytical process running concurrently with all of these activities then you are going to miss some VITAL data.
Analytics, SEO and SEM are key operations that every company should invest in. Through the events captured and delivered from these tools an organization can be sure to see a ROI.

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