Certificate in Oracle – DBA

Learning Materials: Janaki Ram | Instructor: Days or Evenings – 9:00 am -1:00 pm or 5:30 pm-9:30 pm

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Program Objective

A Practical Training on Oracle DBA.


PART – 1:  SQL & PL/SQL Course


Using the powerful Structured Query Language (SQL), the data contained within relational databases can be retrieved, managed and manipulated.

  • Develop essential SQL skills that enable developers to write queries against single and multiple tables.
  • Manipulate data in tables.
  • Create database objects.
  • Use single row functions to customize output.
  • Work with group functions to report aggregated data.
  • Use conversion functions and conditional expressions.
  • Manipulate queries to return required data.
  • Perform calculations on data.
  • Administer database objects.
  • PL/SQL designing best practices.
  • Create PL/SQL applications that use collections.
  • Write and tune PL/SQL code effectively to maximize performance.


Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer.



Extend the functionality of the SQL language with PL/SQL language to write application code. This will help your organization realize the full benefit of utilizing Oracle best practices.



Oracle Database: Introduction to SQL – 1Z0-061


Software Requirement

Installation of Oracle Expression Edition 11g


Time Required: 56 hours

  • SQL – 20 hours
  • PL/SQL – 20 hours


Course Outline

SrNo. Title Time
Chapter 1 Oracle Database 11g: Using SQL to Query Your Database 5 Hours
Chapter 2 Oracle Database 11g: Conversion Functions, Group Functions, and Joins 5 hours
Chapter 3 Oracle Database 11g: Subqueries, Set Operators, and Data Manipulation 5 hours
Chapter 4 Oracle Database 11g: Using DDL, Views, Sequences, Indexes, and Synonyms 5 Hours



SrNo. Title Time
Chapter 1 Introduction 2 Hours
Chapter 2 PL/SQL Programming Concepts Review 2 Hours
Chapter 3 Designing PL/SQL Code 2 Hours
Chapter 4 Using Collections 2 Hours
Chapter 5 Manipulating Large Objects 2 Hours
Chapter 6 Using Advanced Interface Methods 2 Hours
Chapter 7 Performance and Tuning 2 Hours
Chapter 8 Improving Performance with Caching 2 Hours
Chapter 9 Analyzing PL/SQL Code 2 Hours
Chapter 10 Profiling and Tracing PL/SQL Code 2 Hours


PART – 2: Oracle Administration (DBA) Course


You’ll begin by gaining a deep understanding of the most important responsibilities a DBA has: performing backup and recovery.

  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure.
  • Create and manage users.
  • Install and configure an Oracle Database.
  • Create and manage storage structures.
  • Administer the Oracle Database.
  • Understand the Oracle database architecture and how its components work and interact with one another.
  • Perform backup and recovery.
  • Configure the Oracle Database for optimal recovery
  • Configure the database instance such that resources are appropriately allocated among sessions and tasks
  • Schedule jobs to run inside or outside of the database
  • Use compression to optimize database storage and duplicate a database
  • Back and recover a database (and its parts) with RMAN (command-line and Enterprise Manager)
  • Use flashback technology to view past states of data and to revert either objects or the entire database back to a past state
  • Use an appropriate and flexible memory configuration for your database
  • Identify burdensome database sessions and poorly performing SQL


Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer.



Ensure fast, reliable, secure and easy to manage performance. Optimize database workloads, lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling smooth and rapid consolidation within your Datacenter.



Oracle Database 11g: Administration 1 – 1Z0-052


Software Requirement

Installation of Oracle Enterprise Edition 11g


Time Required: 48 hours

  • DBA – 48 hours

Course Outline

SrNo. Title Time
Chapter 1 Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture 2 Hours
Chapter 2 Installing your Oracle Software 2 Hours
Chapter 3 Creating an Oracle Database 2 Hours
Chapter 4 Managing the Oracle Database Instance 2 Hours
Chapter 5 Manage the ASM Instance 2 Hours
Chapter 6 Configuring the Oracle Network Environment 2 Hours
Chapter 7 Managing Database Storage Structures 2 Hours
Chapter 8 Administering User Security 2 Hours
Chapter 9 Managing Data Concurrency 2 Hours
Chapter 10 Managing Undo Data 2 Hours
Chapter 11 Implementing Oracle Database Auditing 2 Hours
Chapter 12 Database Maintenance 2 Hours
Chapter 13 Performance Management 2 Hours
Chapter 14 Backup and Recovery Concepts 2 Hours
Chapter 15 Performing Database Backups 2 Hours
Chapter 16 Performing Database Recovery 2 Hours
Chapter 17 Moving Data 2 Hours
Chapter 18 Working with Support 10 Hours
Chapter 19 Examination Preparation 16 Hours

Points/Total Points: 104/100

Sessions: 20-30

Hours per session: 3-8

Duration:  6-12 weeks

Weekly Hours: 10-20

Grading Scale: Class attendance and exercises (75%), exams, questions and answers (25%) Certificate Obtained: 1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I (90 Minute Test, 66% Passing Score)

Cost: Tution Fee $4400

Books, Videos and Software: $150

Examination Fee: $125