Certificate in Microsoft Office

Learning Materials: ShrutaRavi Dharanendra | Instructor: Business Hours, Evenings or Weekends

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Program Objective

A Practical Training on Microsoft Office.

The Microsoft Office Specialist, (MOS) certification sets the first global standard for desktop productivity across Microsoft Office applications. This performance-based certification examination can validate productivity for corporations, academic institutions, staffing agencies, training organizations and individuals alike to allow the student to earn the status of a user Specialist, Expert or Master in Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. There are Core Level exams for each application and Expert Level exams for Word and Excel.


The objective of this program is to give the student the knowledge needed to become a Microsoft Office Specialist Master level professional.

Prerequisite: Computers Made Easy, Windows Level 1 or equivalent experience

  • Course Requirements: Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced levels of Word & Excel
  • Beginning & Intermediate levels of PowerPoint, Outlook
  • Required for Completion -112 Hours
  • Four Certification Exams -3 Months
Course Number Course Title Course Outline    Hours/Points
1 MSWORD-1 Create and Manage Documents; Format text, paragraphs, and sections; Create tables and lists; apply references; insert and format objects. 24 Hours/12
2 MSEXCEL-1 Create and manage worksheets and workbooks; Create cells and ranges; Create Tables; Apply formulas and functions; Create charts and objects. 24 Hours/12
3 MS PowerPoint


Create and manage presentations; insert and format shapes and slides; Create slide content; Apply transitions and animations; Manage multiple presentations. 16 Hours/8


4 MS Outlook Manage the outlook environment; Manage messages; Manage Schedules; Manage Contacts and Groups. 16 Hours/8
5 MS One Note Manage the OneNote environment; Share and Collaborate with other users; Organize and find notes; Edit and link content in OneNote. 10 Hours/5
6 Exam Preparation Provide mock questions and answers in line with certification exams. 12 Hours/6


Points/Total Points: 102/36

Sessions: 16-30

Hours per session:  3 – 8

Duration:  4-12 weeks

Weekly Hours: 10-40

Grading Scale: Class attendance and exercises (75%), exams, questions and answers (25%)

Certificate Obtained: Microsoft Office Certification

SrNo. Certification title Required exam
1 MOS: Microsoft Office Word 2013 418
2 MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 420
3 MOS: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 422
4 MOS: Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 423
5 MOS: Microsoft Office OneNote 2013 421

Cost: Tution Fee $1985

Examination Fee: $500