Certificate in Project Management Professional (PMP)

Learning Materials: PMBOK5 | Instructor: ShrutaRavi Dharanendra

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Program Objective

A Practical Training on Project Management and PMP Exam.

PMI offers a professional credential for project managers known as project management professional (PMP). The course helps with understanding of the processes with task driven guidelines to provide insight into the skills required to function as project management practitioner.


  • Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
  • 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education


  • Four-year degree
  • 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
  • 35 hours of project management education
  • Points/Total Points: 100/34
  • Sessions: 16-30 | Hours per session:  3 – 8
  • Duration:  4-12 weeks | Weekly Hours: 10-40
  • Grading Scale: Class attendance and exercises (75%), exams, questions and answers (25%)
  • Certificate Obtained: Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Cost: Tution Fee $4140
  • PMI Membership Fee including e-copy of PMBOK Book: $150
  • Examination Fee: $405 | TOTAL COST: $4695
Session Course Title Course Outline    Hours/Points
1 Domain 1: Initiation Task1: Perform Project Assessment

Task2: Identify Key Deliverables

Task3: Perform Stakeholder Analysis

Task4: Identify high-level Risks, Assumptions and Constraints

Task5: Project Charter Development

Task6: Project Charter Approval

Task7: Conduct Benefit Analysis

Task8: Inform Stakeholders of Approved Project Charter


10 Hours/4
2 Domain 2: Planning Task1: Review and assess detailed project requirements

Task 2: Develop Scope Management Plan

Task 3: Develop Cost Management Plan

Task 4: Develop Project Schedule

Task 5: Develop Human Resource Management Plan

Task 6: Develop the communications Management Plan

Task 7: Develop the Procurement Management Plan

Task 8: Develop the Quality Management Plan

Task 9: Develop the Change Management Plan

Task 10: Develop the Risk Management Plan

Task 11: Obtain Approval for Project Management Plan

Task 12: Start the project

Task 13: Develop Stakeholder Management Plan

16 Hours/5
3 Domain 3: Executing




Task 1: Acquire and Manage Project Resources

Task 2: Manage Task Execution

Task 3: Implement Quality Management Plan

Task 4: Implement Approved Changes

Task 5: Implement Actions for Risk Management

Task 6: Implement and Manage Communications Plan

Task 7: Maintain Stakeholder relationship

16 Hours/5





4 Domain 4: Monitoring and Controlling Task 1: Measure Project Performance

Task 2: Manage Changes to the Project

Task 3: Verify Project Deliverables

Task 4: Monitor and assess risk

Task 5: Review Issues log and take corrective actions

Task 6: Capture, analyze and manage lessons learned

Task 7: Monitor procurement management activities

16 Hours/5
5 Domain 5: Closing Task 1: Obtain Acceptance of Project Deliverables

Task 2: Transfer ownership of Deliverables

Task 3: Obtain Financial, legal and administrative closure

Task 4: Prepare and share final project report

Task 5: Collate lessons learned

Task 6: Archive project documents and materials

Task 7: Obtain feedback from relevant stakeholders

10 Hours/4
6 Exam Preparation Preparing for PMP exam 12 Hours/4
7 Microsoft Project Tool Introduction to Microsoft Project Tool.

Show case Functionality.

Show case how to set up a project

Show case how to do reporting

20 Hours/7