Path to
Paid Internship

3 simple reasons to apply for the Path To
Employment Paid Internship Program




Employment Guarantee

You will land a great job

The Concept Software & Services Path To Employment provides a guarantee to place you in a suitable technology position. The 100% guarantee of employment is based on you qualifying for and subsequently entering into a separate employment agreement with CSSI and are willing to accept a job assignment that is identified by CSSI on terms outlined in said separate agreement.


You are paid to learn

Pursuant to the terms of the employment agreement, during the first four to six months qualified persons will receive a monthly stipend while they learn new niche technologies.


Financial Assistance or free housing for qualified participants

Travel or Housing Financial Assistance and Free Housing for Qualified participants

We understand the constraints of further education and how it impacts your earnings during the period of study. That is why CSS-TEC will provide housing financial assistance for all enrollees on the Path to Employment program. You won’t be able to stay in a fancy hotel but you will be able to cover some of the costs associated with your accommodation especially if you are coming from out of state. Concept does provide housing at no cost to the participants but it is the responsibility of the residents to meet the utility costs and accept the rental agreement in their name.

* 100% guarantee of employment is based on a job assignment that is identified by CSSI that is suitable for your technical career growth. All course work and tasks must be completed. The job may require relocation..

To apply for open positions please contact our team. Apply for current positions