Certificate in Software
Testing Life Cycle in
Big data and Business
Intelligence (STLC-BD & BI)

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Program Outline

The Certificate in Software Testing Life Cycle in BIGDATA, Business Intelligence and Tableau program prepares students for employment in IT industry. Successful candidates should be able to Identify types of tests to be performed, gather details about testing priorities and focus, identify test environment details where testing is supposed to be carried out. Training the professionals with negligible or little knowledge of Software QA, Manual Testing, Automated Testing in Hadoop, Oracle SQL, Business Intelligence and Tableau environments.


  • Test Analyst, Quality Assurance Analyst, Test Engineer,
  • 150
  • $4860
Week/Day Topic/Reading
Week 1/Day 1, 2  Fundamentals of testing  
  • Why is testing necessary?
  • What is testing?
  • Testing principles
  • Fundamental test process
  • The psychology of testing
  • Chapter review
  • Sample exam questions
Week 1/Day 3
Week 2/Day 1
Testing throughout the software life cycle  
  • Software development models
  • Test levels
  • Test types: the targets of testing
  • Maintenance testing
Week 2/ Day 2 Static techniques
  • Reviews and the test process
  • Review process
  • Static analysis by tools
Week 2/Day 3
Week 3/Day 1
Test design techniques  
  • Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
  • Categories of test design techniques
  • Specification-based or black-box techniques
  • Structure-based or white-box techniques
  • Experience-based techniques
  • Choosing a test technique
Week 3/Day 2, 3 Test management  
  • Test organization
  • Test plans, estimates, and strategies
  • Test progress monitoring and control
  • Configuration management
  • Risk and testing
  • Incident management
Week 4/Day 1 Tool support for testing  
  • Types of test tool
  • Effective use of tools: Potential benefits and risks
  • Introducing a tool into an organization
Week 4/Day 2, 3
Week 5/Day 1, 2, 3
Week 6/Day 1
  • Introduction to Selenium Web Driver
  • WebDriver and advance features
  • Ajax and Listeners
  • Apache POI
  • JDBC
  • Testing Java Framework, ANT and Reports Generation
  • Data Driven Automation Framework on a Live Project
Week 6/Day 2, 3 Quality Center
  • Introduction to Quality Center
  • Specifying Releases and Cycles
  • Specifying Requirements
  • Planning Tests
  • Running Tests
  • Adding and Tracking Defects
Week 7/Day 1, 2, 3
Week 8/Day 1, 2, 3
QTP – Quick Test Professional
  • Automation General Information, Automation Tool Types
  • QTP Introduction, About QTP Utility Programme
  • QTP Window or QTP Editor Components (6/11 Panes)
  • Record and Play back
  • VB Script Concepts
  • Object Identification, Object Repository, Object Repository Manager, Step Generator, Scripting
  • Test Object Methods, Recording Modes, Virtual Object
  • Run Modes, Test Batch Runner, Synchronization, Action
  • Reporter, Error Handling
  • Parameters, Parameterization with data Driver
  • Data Table, DataTable methods and properties
  • Transaction, Function Library, Debugging Test
  • Description Programming, Regular Expressions
  • Recovery Scenario
  • Data Base Automation, Frame Work, Check Points, Output Values
Week/Day Topic/Reading
Week 9/Day 1, 2 UNIX
  • Introduction to Unix Architecture
  • Introduction to Telnet, Putty, FTP, WinSCP
  • Commonly used UNIX Commands
  • Vi/Vim Editor Commands
  • Shell scripting
Week 10/Day 1, 2, 3 A Practical Training on Oracle SQL
  • Introduction to RDBMS and SQL
  • ER and Data Diagrams
  • Installation of Oracle Database and SQL Developer
  • Working with essential SQL commands
  • Working with Text Data, Numerical Data and Dates
  • Working with Grouping Functions and Analytical Functions
  • Data acquisition and Data verification
  • Understanding SQL Threats
  • Testing Relational DB applications
Week 11/Day 1, 2, 3 Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data and discuss STLC in Apache HADOOP
  • Introduction to Big Data
  • HDFS basics and Data Storage
  • Job Execution and YARN
  • HUE and MR
  • Data Formats
  • PIG
  • Introduction to OOZIE
  • Introduction to HBASE
  • Administrating Hadoop
  • Filters/Parameters
Week 12/Day 1, 2, 3 Introduction to Tableu and Discuss STLC in Tableau
  • Tableau introduction
  • Charts
  • Filters/Parameters
  • Table Calculations
  • Aggregations and Functions
  • Tableau File Types
  • Dashboards
  • Data Blending and Joins
  • Server Roles and Publishing Dashboards
  • Issues during Development
  • Performance Tips and Other techniques

Projects – Domain specific Hands on Projects

  • Requirement Gathering, Data Modelling
  • Use case preparation and wireframe design
  • Implementing the final dashboard
  • Testing the dashboard
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