Product development involves constantly adapting processes that can keep pace with customer expectations and ever changing technologies. What seemed like a great solution at the start of a project could be a lame duck by the time it has gone through a completed development process cycle. To avoid this inevitable occurrence the development approach of Concept Inc. is to use agile processes that can be in tune with quickly shifting requirements. We also create software products from the current demands of market trends and thus future proof the supposed functionality of the product based on the needs of a growing market opportunity. Through these processes and the strength of economies of scale cost savings can then be passed on to the end user and the new product can be supported as the customer requires it.


How can EresumeX help you Recruit?

Tagged as the “Job & Resume Portal With EX- Factor” Eresumex was developed to provide exclusive access to search a national resume portal for no cost to its users.
Focused on the recruiting market EresumeX provides tools and resources for the job placement process.
This is a powerful tool for job seekers to create a road to employment with minimal obstacles and gives the employer/recruiter faster access to the right candidates.

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Water Reporting and Monitoring Data Management Tool

Greenview is a Windows-based continuous watershed quantity and quality-monitoring program intended for managing and displaying watershed management site environmental data. This J2EE and Oracle 10g-based application provides the most powerful features available for managing environmental data in a user-customizable database of water, metals, nutrients, soil properties and drinking water standards information.

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Contract and Procurement Opportunities for small businesses and federal agencies.

The Small Business Registry™ provides a central information hub from which the OSDBU and OSBU can compile capability statements of registered organizations and match their services to the Federal contracts that are open for bidding. In this same process Vendors and 3rd party service providers can find each other through the SBR system and because of the centralized sourcing hub they can be sure that they are partnering with a pre-screened company that has been cleared to provide services to federal organizations.

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Event Management & B2B Matchmaking

The Event Management SaaS will be a full featured suite of tools that co-ordinates every aspect of an event to be organized. Event organizers can preplan an event based on the destination, agenda, specific promotions, participant registration, online payment, ticketing, matchmaking, guest speakers and one-on-one meeting confirmations. Currently in its development phase the SBR plans to launch the system in the spring of 2014,